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Cosmetyn Stretch Mark Cream

Cosmetyn Intense Stretch Mark Therapy have a breakthrough   power of Dermaplex-12� to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, wrinkles and age spots. Being through years of research and studies, Cosmetyn Intense Stretch Mark Therapy have a blend of patented peptides, natural extracts and vitamins that work fast to fade and repair current and old stretch marks  and to prevent new ones from  forming!  It is Packed with moisturizers and antioxidants that  will leave your skin feeling and looking its best!
Intense Stretch Mark Therapy
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Firms and tones the skin
  • Neutralizes free-radical damage
  • Smooths bumps and clears age spots
  • Promotes soft and supple skin
  • Contains Grape Seed extract and green tea for younger looking skin


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Elastin Stretch Mark Remover Cream

Now you can say good bye to those ugly stretch marks that may result from during and after pregnancy, body building or weight gain and loss. We have a new break through cream that will rid them in a month guarantee! Why live with them forever when you can rid them for good with our Elastin Stretch mark remover cream.  This cream is specially formulated to repair the skin back to its normal state removing and smoothing stretched skin providing collagen and vitamin C. Results will be vanished stretched skin along with smooth skin. You will be satisfied with the results. Try our 8oz. size and make change in your life.


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