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Star Curves The Real Butt Enlargement Pills Herbal Supplements

Star Curves The Real Butt Enlargement Pills Herbal Supplements

Welcome and thank you for visiting Star Curves. We  would like to fully Guarantee our viewers and customers  that your  Buttocks  will grow to your desired size if you take our supplements for the recommended time frame as directed on our bottle (Three pills a day with a meal).


Star Curves is a great alternative for those who are considering butt implant surgery or butt injections. Our  constant overflow in sales is exactly why you need to consider giving our pills a try. Please read our FAQ's for more information. If you have further questions please feel free to email us. Thank You for visiting Star Curves!

1.What are Star Curves butt enlargement pills?

Star Curves butt enlargement pills are natural herbal  pills that stimulates your gluteus maximus to grow  layers of fat around the buttock and thigh area. The buttocks are mainly consistent of muscle and fat.  If you are skinny with a fast metabolism, our pills will slow your metabolism down and redirect the fat calories to transfer into your buttocks and thigh area. If you have a full figure then our pill will transfer your excess weight from your belly and waist into your buttocks area giving you that desired hour glass figure.  Hmmm sounds nice.

2.Are Star Curves  Butt enlargement pills completely safe and healthy?

Yes, our pills are completely safe and healthy with 100% natural herbal ingredients in them which are as follows:

Vitamin E


Black Walnut

Dong Quai

Blessed Thisle              


Water Cress


Pacific Kelp

Sea Fennel  

Mexican Wild Yam

Rose Hips).

You should not be taking these pills if you are anorexic,  obese, pregnant or currently nursing a child. If you are sick you should wait until your immune system is back to normal and functioning before you take our products.

3.Should I  continue in taking your pills after I have achieved my fabulous growth results?

No. Once you have achieved your desired butt size with our pills, you may simply stop taking our pill. It's just that simple; however we are all made differently and do not share the same DNA. 

4.Will butt enlargement pills interfere with my daily workout schedule?

No.You can continue to workout daily as needed. Just be sure to keep taking the pills.

5.Why do some women have smaller buttocks while other women have larger ones?

This is due to genetics and DNA. We all do not share the same DNA so we will all have different traits. 

6.Most breast pill companies do not allow caffeine nor alcohol. Does that mean I must avoid these while using star curves pills?

No, you can consume caffeine and alcohol as you choose while taking our Star Curves pills. 

Just beware that sometimes caffeine can cause sudden fast heartbeats.

7.Does Star Curves pills really work in growing the buttocks and thigh areas?

Yes they do. You may also see some growth in the breast area. It just depends. 

8.How long will it take before I notice an increase in my buttocks?

It depends on your genetics, weight and  age first. On average results can be seen within 1-3 months of use. Some say they saw results within 1 weeks while some say it took them a little longer.

We had one customer so far that saw a change within a day. Just hang in there. You will see results. 

9.Will taking Star Curves  make me gain weight???

Yes, but not your full body only your buttocks, thighs and hips. like we said before,gluteus maximus mainly consists of layers of fat and muscle. What our pills do is redirect and transfer your fat into your buttocks. The rest of your body will not gain weight! It will give you that hour glass figure that all women desire for their body's. 

10.Will It make my hips rounder???

Yes. Rounder, bigger and sexier. 

11.Does this work on guys????

No this pill is mainly for women. If guys do take it, it will just make you bigger in those areas, but you will still be masculine if already.

12.Why do your bottles cost alot of money?

Well  butt implants  from a doctor can cost from $4,000-$5,000. Maybe more. With us you can achieve much better and safer results with just a fraction of this price.So we really aren't that expensive at all.

13. How much does your pills cost 

They are on sale for $39.99 plus shipping for a month supply. Email/Call us for more month supply.

14. Can I take more than three pills a day?

Its not recommended to take more than three a day. It can cause stretch marks due to rapid growth. 3 a day is the recommened amount to take per day.

15. What is the main ingredient that makes the butt bigger.

We've provided the ingredients above. Feel free to research each one to answer this question. 

16. Do your pills make the breast bigger also? 

We've had some customers that have seen larger breast as well when taking our pills. It depends on genetics. This varies as well.


 Star Curves Butt Enlargement Pills one month supply $39.99 S/H $8.98 in the U.S. We ship worldwide. Email us at star_curves@yahoo.com 

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