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# 1 Selling Skincare Whitener'sNew 10oz. size New and Improved formula

Also be sure to view our permanent skin whitening creams and oil ( permanent meaning your skin will stay whiter for a while) at http://www.worldofentertainment23.com/permanentskinwhitening.htm

World Of Entertainment23 |Newer and stronger formula.
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Mega Blast Advance Skin Bleaching Cream Strongest whitening cream world wide.

 Newer and stronger formula. Used by many celebrities

Introducing what has become our most selling powerful whitening cream. Mega blast advance skin whitening cream works 10 times better than all of our whitening creams and have gotten even stronger. It is now considered the strongest skin whitening cream in the world.  It works so good in whitening the skin that it should only be used 4 times a week. Night time only to start. Although it varies with each individual some of our customers have reported that they saw results the very next day. View them on our before and after page. It is great at lightening the knees and elbows.  It also pinkens the lips and nipples when applied on these areas religeously. You may also notice pinkish undertones in your skin along with whitening. Our mega blast advance bleaching cream also have some anti-aging effects that removes fine lines, under eye bags and wrinkles. It will have you so much fairer before you know it. It is not to sit on the skin every night. You can allow it to sit some nights but not every night. It comes 2oz., 3oz., 4oz., 6oz., 8oz., 10oz., 16oz., and larger. This cream is definately for those that want to become very very fair skinned or want to remove dark spots, skin discolorations and scars very fast. If you suffer from sensitive skin it is advised that you do not use this strong bleaching cream and go to one of our milder creams. Also if you experience redness/darkening discontinue use.  Very dark individuals may need more time for the lightening to become effective. This cream as well as non of our skin whitening creams are permanent. If you stop using this cream you may go back to your original color due to your natural skin cells renewing monthly.

p.s we sell out of this cream daily due to its good effects so if you order it  expect it to get to you within a week to two and a half weeks. International orders may take longer. This cream is custom made as well as the others. Custom made creams always gain freshness and more effectiveness.

Even better we carry Mega blast extra strength which is a formula that is extra in whitening the skin and mega blast with lactic acid, which is formulated to deeply exfoliate the skin for those that have hard areas to lighten due to dead skin build up.

Mega blast Advance Skin Whitening Cream with Lactic Acid



Mega Blast Advance Skin Whitening Cream Extra Strength 2oz.

Mega blast strong whitening cream 2oz. Mega Blast Extra Strength
Price: $ 65.99 Quantity:  

Mega Blast Advance Skin Whitening Cream Extra Strength 4oz.

Mega blast strong whitening cream 4oz. Mega Blast Extra Strength
Price: $ 125.99 Quantity:  

Mega Blast Advance Skin Whitening Cream with Lactic Acid 2oz.

Mega blast strong whitening cream 2oz. Mega Blast With Lactic Acid
Price: $ 69.99 Quantity:  

Mega Blast Advance Skin Whitening Cream with Lactic Acid 4oz.

Mega blast strong whitening cream 4oz. Mega Blast With Lactic Acid
Price: $ 139.99 Quantity:  

Mega blast advance skin Whitening cream New Mild Fragrance Formula 2oz.

Mega blast strong whitening cream 2oz. New Mild Fragrance Formula
Price: $ 65.99 Quantity:

Mega blast advance skin Whitening cream 8oz. New Mild Fragrance Formula Strongest Whitening Cream

Mega blast 8oz. jars New Mild Fragrance Formula
Price: $ 169.99 Quantity:

Mega blast advance skin whitening Cream New Mild Fragrance Formula 10oz. Large

Mega blast adv. skin whitening cream 10oz. New Mild Fragrance formula
Price: $ 189.99 Quantity:

Mega Blast Advance Skin Bleaching Lotion

Welcome to our New Mega blast advance skin bleaching Lotion. Works just like the cream but in Lotion form. Comes in a large 8-24oz. Lotion bottle(s).

Mega blast advance skin bleaching lotion 8oz.

Mega blast adv. lotion 8oz.
Price: $ 129.99 Quantity:

Papaya Skin Whitening Cream

Our Papaya skin whitening cream take skin whitening to another level to the 1,000th power. You will surely love your whitening results. Not only does this cream whiten the skin, it also smooths, diminish wrinkles and under eye bags, exfoliates (removing a layer of skin), closes pores (giving you that youthful appearance), removes all acne, dark spots and blemishes. The great thing about this papaya whitening cream is that you don't have to apply a lot. The lesser the application the better. All that you would do is apply a very thin layer on completely dry skin twice a day. Wait at least 10 minutes after showering to apply the cream for best results. Results can be seen from 3 days to 2 weeks. You can get up to 10 shades whiter within 3 months of usage.

Papaya Skin Whitening Cream 2oz.

Papaya skin whitening cream 2oz.
Price: $ 69.99 Quantity:  

Papaya Skin Whitening Cream 4oz.

Papaya Skin Whitening Cream 4oz.
Price: $ 89.99 Quantity:

Papaya Skin Whitening Cream 10oz.

Papaya Skin Whitening Cream 10oz.
Price: $ 135.99 Quantity:

Fair Skin Whitening Cream Hydroquinone free

Our newest cream on the market is our Fair Skin Whitening cream. It will gradually removes dark spots, scars, blemishes, hyper pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. Multi task is what this cream do at an affordable price.

Kojic acid, water, gigawhite,

 licorice  extract, bearberry extract, mulberry

 extract, whitening botanicals, fragrance,

 Alpha arbutin, Glyceryl stearate, cetearyl

alcohol, Ascorbic acid, Disodium EDTA.     

Fair Skin Skin Whitening Cream 2oz.

Fair Skin Skin Whitening Cream 2oz.
Price: $ 19.99 Quantity:

Fair Skin Skin Whitening Cream 4oz.

Fair Skin Skin Whitening Cream 4oz.
Price: $ 29.99 Quantity:


Used by many celebrities

World of entertainment skin whitening cream is an excellent cream for those who want to lighten their complexion quick and safe. It is one of the most top selling creams because of its dramatic results. Celebrities today are using this particular cream. World of entertainment skin whitening cream is a scientific blend of ingredients designed to make your skin more even tone, radiant, lighter and attractive. It does not contain mercury and is excellent in helping to fade dark marks, superficial scars, age spots, freckles, acne and pimple marks, liver spots, some moles and birth marks, chicken pocks marks, undereye darkness, (dark circles) or just if you want to whiten your entire complexion all over. This cream also aids in softening tired lines associated with aging, wrinkles and laugh lines. Once your skin has attained its best, you can slow down on usage. In many cases those discolorations will not return. Some of our customers say that they saw results within 4-5 days. It depends on your age, weight, complexion, diet etc.  Please note in order to see best results in 5 days its good to apply the cream by letting some of it absorb on its own.  With this cream you can get up to 4 shades lighter and smoother younger complexion.



World of Entertainment Whitening Cream 4oz.

World of Entertainment skin whitening cream 4oz.

World of Entertainment cream 4oz.
Price: $ 179.99 Quantity:


Used by many celebrities

The world of entertainment skin whitening cream and serum has always been number one choice from most of our loyal customers and to top it off we created this maximum whitening cream that whitens the skin even more and makes it more radiant. This cream is an upgrade from the world of entertainment cream that also whitens and helps fade skin discolorations due to excessive sun exposure,  and freckles.  

guarenteed to really work very powerful!

World of Entertainment Maximum Whitening Cream 4oz.

World of Entertainment Max cream 4oz.
Price: $ 199.99 Quantity:


Used by many celebrities

Our world of entertainment skin whitening serum is a serum that is so powerful that you will see results in 12 days that are very dramatic. This serum does great miracles for the skin in whitening, firming and toning. You may notice peeling that will eventually go away with continued use. Its ingredients are hydroquinone, water, glyceryl stearate, sodium sulfite, glycerin, ascorbic acid and aloe vera.


World of Entertainment whitening serum 4oz.

World of Entertainment skin whitening serum 4oz.
Price $99.99

Price: $ 99.99 Quantity:

Vitamin C Skin Whitening Cream/Lotion

Benefits of Vitamin C Whitening Cream/Lotion

  • One of nature's most popular, protective antioxidants
  • Keeps skin toned and firm-looking as well and whiter, clearer and brighter
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pleasant citrus scent

A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C offers superior protection from the signs of aging while also helping to form collagen to keep your skin firm and supple. Our Vitamin C skin whitening cream is specially formulated to do just that with the added benefit of whitening and brightening your complexion to a more beautiful and clearer skin tone.  It gets to work right away to smooth and tone your skin. Free of hydroquinone. Our Vitamin C Cream and lotion is scented with a pure and delicious orange scent. Use under makeup or by itself, day or night. Sure to become your favorite beauty treatment! results can be seen within a week of use.

Vitamin C Skin Whitening Cream 4oz.

Price: $ 69.99 Out of Stock

Lemon Whitening Cream


No hydroquinone

Used by many celebrities

Our outrageous most natural lemon whitening cream give radiant dramatic skin whitening results within 5-7 days. There is no other natural whitening cream that works this fast and it is safe. It doesn't contain hydroquinone and is composed of natural ingredients including fresh lemons that will give you the most natural skin whitening in no time. You will also enjoy baby smooth blemish free skin from this unique natural lightener. It can be applied all over the body and face. Also great at lightening the knees and elbows.

Used by many celebrities

Our lemon whitening lotion will give the same results as the lemon whitening cream. It comes in a larger size and is in lotion form. It is also natural and effective as well as safe.


Lemon Whitening Cream 3oz.

Lemon Whitening Cream 3oz.

Price: $ 45.99 Quantity:

Lemon Whitening Cream 6oz.

Lemon whitening cream 4oz

Price: $ 55.99 Quantity:

Lemon Whitening Lotion 8oz.

Lemon Whitening Lotion 8oz.


Price: $ 65.99 Quantity:


 Used by many celebrities

Try our mega blast advance skin whitening pills. These are our best whitening pills that are considered to be whitening pills, unlike others considering the whitening results to be a side effect.  Results from the mega blast advance skin whitening pills are amazing. It will have your skin lighter with a rosy look to it. It will also whiten your under arms and bikini area. If you have any blemishes, scars, or freckles they will vanish over time of continued use giving you a smooth all over even skin tone. It is fast working and safe. Works well in conjunction of the mega blast advance skin bleaching cream and vitamin C. or even better use with our skin whitening glutathione booster that absorbs and raises the level of glutatione in the body to whiten the skin faster. Our skin whitening glutatione booster is on our order now page to order. You can use it with with the mega blast pills. Take 2 capsules of these pills a day.  The mega blast advance skin whitening pills comes in 500-1000mg. in its reduce form.

Boost the glutatathione whitening process with our skin whitening glutathione booster. Taking just two of these a day along with the mega blast whitening pills will help fasten the whitening process.

Mega blast advance skin whitening pills 500mg. L-glutathione

Mega blast skin whitening pills 500mg. L-glutathione hot sale! 120 Ct.

Price: $ 99.99 Quantity:

Mega blast advance skin whitening pills 60 ct. 1000mg. L-glutathione

Mega blast Adv. Skin Whitening Pills 1000mg. L-glutathione

Price: $ 129.99 Quantity:

Skin whitening L-glutathione booster

 Skin Whitening L-glutathione Booster

Price: $ 65.99 Quantity:


 Next to the world of entertainment skin whitening cream is our super skin whitening cream that have done and is guarenteed to do wonders in whitening the skin complexion to the max. This cream is safe and very effective. It works best when used on an everyday basis day and night though so powerful that it should be used only at night. Can be used under make-up. Not only does it whiten the skin but it also give your skin a more radiant bright complexion leaving you with a glow.

Super Skin Whitening Cream 4oz.

Super Skin Whitening Cream. Gives a nice beautiful lighter/brighter complexion.

Super Whitening Cream 4oz.
Price: $ 83.99 Quantity:


 Used by many celebrities

Skin whitening pills is excellent for those who want to lighten their skin complexion with the use of the pill.  These pills contain 500mg. glutathione in them which is good for health reasons and have some lightening effects on the skin. It is all natural and safe and will work fast with continued use. It will even lighten your bikini line, under arms, scars, spots and any other darker areas of the body giving you an even complexion. Using the whitening creams or lotions is okay while taking the pill, but after time of use with the pill, there will be no use in using the cream or lottion. The amount of pills taken a day depends on your skin color. For daker skin (African Americans) suggested intake to start is 3-6 pills a day. For brown to light skin 2-3 a day. Over time 2 pills a day should be fine. Then when you reach your satisfied complexon, 1 a day is fine. Works best with vitamin C or even better use with our skin whitening glutathione booster that absorbs and raises the level of glutatione in the body to whiten the skin faster. Our skin whitening glutatione booster is on our order now page to order. You can use it with with these skin whitening pills. Take 2 capsules of these pills a day.  HERES WHAT L-GLUTATHIONE DO FOR YOU:

Whitens the skin
 Dark spot remover
 Prevent/remove pimples and pimple marks
 Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles
 Makes your skin smooth, fresh and radiant
 Enhance healing of wounds
 Nourishes skin
 And that’s not all!!!
 L-GLUTATHIONE as the “master antioxidant”
 Improves immune system
 Helps in preventing cancer especially Liver Cancer.
 Protects our body free radicals & reactive oxygen molecules.
 Is required in detoxifying nicotine.
 Helps our Liver in detoxifying our body.
 Plays important role in cancer prevention & treatment.
 Appears to protect against the dangers of heart diseases, premature aging and chronic illness.
 Increases sperm count for men with low sperm counts.
 Low glutathione levels are found in immune compromised individuals, Neuro-degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer, and      Parkinson's disease, arteriosclerosis, male infertility, pregnancy complications, cataracts, damage from many pharmaceutical drugs, cancer and poor   survival rate for patients with AIDS.
 And a lot more…..


A person taking L glutathione should take Vitamin C two to three times more than the dose of L Glutathione. Why is Vitamin C needed? This is to keep L Glutathione in its absorbable or reduced form. This will release the potential of Vitamin C’s derivatives’ whitening properties.

Is Glutathione safe in the liver?
“ the levels of glutathione in the liver is critically linked to the liver’s ability to detoxify. The higher the glutathione content, the greater the liver’s capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals. Typically, when we are exposed to chemicals to which can damage the liver including alcohol, the concentration of glutathione in the liver is substantially reduced. This reduction makes the liver susceptible to damage.”

Skin Whitening Pills 500mg. L-glutathione
Price $39.99
Price: $ 39.99 Quantity:


Ever wondered how so many celebrities skin seems to be so free of spots due to blemishes or acne. Well we carry their secret to that problem. Most people suffer acne, but what do you do to all of those bothersome spots on your skin that never seems to go away.  Spot remover serum have worked for many people and it can work for you. It is made for all skin types. This unique serum removes any spots on the face, neck, arms, legs etc. In 12 days. Your skin can be free of spots. For best results use this serum in the morning and night after cleansing the skin. Watch your spots begin to peel away and fade within days.


Spot remover serum 1oz.

Spot remover serum 1oz.

Spot remover serum 1oz.
Price: $ 150.99 Quantity:


 Want sexy even tone under arms? Try our new under arm whitening cream that have changed many lives about raising their arms.  This wonderful under arm whitener is a must have. It is unique and will clear and whiten your under arms quickly and safe in no time. Never be ashamed again about dark under arms.

Under Arm whitening cream 3oz.

Price $35.99

Price: $ 35.99 Quantity:


 No hydroquinone

  Wow! what a miracle cream that is all safe and natural like the lemon whitening cream. You will be amazed at how fast this cream will lighten your skin in 3 days. It works well with any skin type and is safe to use on children that have spots or scars from falls and scuffs. It is free of hydroquinone and instead contains kojic acid, triple whitening botanicals and many more ingredients to help speed up the proccess of whitening the skin.  Once applied on your skin it instantly works into your skin to start whitening the skin so that on the 3rd day you will see some lightening in your skin. This cream is to be applied a little thick and allow some of it to absorb on its own. For best results use twice a day letting it sit on the face. It is strictly used to whiten the skin in 3 days, so if you are going to use a moisturizer please apply it on your skin before applying the 3 day skin whitening cream.  This cream should be the last thing to apply if using anything else on your skin. It is excellent for those that want to whiten their skin fast before a special occasion such as weddings, photo shots or just to become whiter fast. This is a must have. It works better on those who's skin lightens easy with kojic acid or natural products. If your skin don't work well in lightening with natural products, it may not work on you and you will need to try our stronger creams.

Instant 3 Day Skin Whitening Cream 3oz.

 Instant 3 day whitening cream 3oz.

Instant 3 Day Skin Whitening Cream 3oz.
Price: $ 55.99 Quantity:

Instant 3 Day Whitening Cream 4oz.

Instant 3 Day Whitening Cream 4oz.
Instant 3 day Whitening cream 4oz.
Price: $ 65.99 Quantity:

Skin Whitening Soap

  • Exfoliating
  • Skin Lightening
  • English Rose Soap
  • Made with Organic Shea Butter

Romance With Purpose


This Skin Lightening Rose Bar helps even skin discoloration and clear blemishes, while the luxurious fragrance provides the escape you crave...and deserve. This special formulation effectively lightens the skin, fades dark spots and delicately cleanses and nourishes your complexion to a healthy, elegant glow.

It's soft bouquet calms and relaxes your spirit, giving you the comfort to look and feel your most beautiful.


All Things Good

It's a simple code we live by.

We want to feel good in all ways - from what we put on our skin or in our body, to how we treat others and our environment. We want to feel special and indulged, without being wasteful or robbing future generations of our natural resources.


That's why this soap strive to use only the most natural, effective and sustainable ingredients we can find. Made in the USA, but search the world sourcing the finest ingredients for the products to create a brand we believe in...a brand that makes a difference by doing what's right for you, your family and our planet.

Free Of Gluten, paraben, phthalate, lauryl/laurel sulfate, petroleum derivatives and animal testing. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Price: $ 25.99 Quantity:


Fair & White SAVON AHA-2 Exfoliant & Lightening Soap - Orange Box -7oz

Paris - Fair and White Savon AHA-2
  • Exfoliant
  • Exfoliating and Lightening Soap
  • Sans Hydroquinone (no hydroquinone)

    The new Fair and White A.H.A.-2 Soap ensures an exfoliating and lightening double efficiency. It smoothly cleanses and regenerates the skin by micro-exfoliation and helps lighten your epidermis thanks to its enriched formula with A.H.A. The Lactic Acid safely acts by inhibition of the tyrosinase; it stops the synthesis of coloured pigments.
    It ideally prepares your skin for receiving Fair&White A.H.A. products and gives it suppleness, smoothness and a bright complexion. Daily use morning and evening.

    Ingredients: Sodium palmate and Sodium palm kernelate and Aqua (Water) and Glycerin and Sodium chloride and Tetrasodium EDTA and Tetrasodium Etidronate, ...
  • Price: $ 45.99 Quantity:


    Part HB110 - FAIR & WHITE SOAP
    Size: 7 oz.

      FAIR & WHITE LIGHTENING EXFOLIATING SOAP contains hydroquinone to combat pigmentary blemishes and apricot kernel to accelerate the elimination of dead cells.  Not only does it deep cleanse the epidermis, but it also lightens your complexion and leaves your skin smooth, even and radiant.

    "Effective for cleansing and toning all skin types

    Price: $ 45.99 Quantity:



    Size: 7 oz.



    Fair & White brings you its best exfoliating soap. No compromising of quality and a special formulation to give you the results you desire.


    "Double-effectiveness in cleansing and toning all skin types and conditions"

    Price: $ 55.99 Quantity:

    Skin Brightening Cleanser

    Skin Brightening Cleanser

    Price $45.99 8oz.

    Price: $ 45.99 Quantity:

    Japanese Skin Whitening Cream

    Discover the secret to beautiful whiter skin from Japanese women. For many years, Japanese women have been practicing skin whitening and we are delighted to share their beauty secret to a much whiter and softer complexion.

    The Japanese skin whitening cream is all natural and specifically made to clear and purify skin tone, removing dullness and sallowness of your skin from aging, environmental pollution, clogged pores and past sun damage and most of all give you that Japanese whitened complexion.

    It also Moisturizes ,protects and purifies the skin surface. When your skin is irritated by environmental pollutants, melanin production may be triggered, creating dark spots or discoloration. Japanese skin whitening cream protects the skin’s surface and suppresses the production of melanin. It also works deep into below the skin’s surface to regulate moisture balance. Easily absorbed and provides soft and light feeling.

    How to use:

    After cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser, apply the Japanese skin whitening cream all over your body including your face. Allow cream to absorb on its own. Apply a little more on areas like the knees, elbows, knuckles and buttocks. This cream is guaranteed to get you that whiter complexion that you have wished for

    Main Ingredients:

    Water, Raspberry extract, Blueberry extract, minerals (copper, magnesium gluconate), Atelocollagen, Arginine, Silica, Mulberry extract, Saxifraga Sarmentosa extract, Skullcap, grape fruit extract, soybean extract, khaya senegalensis extract, yeast extract, Serine.

    Japanese Whitening Cream 8oz.

    Price $75.99

    Price: $ 75.99 Quantity:  

    Glycolic Acid Lightening Peel





    Our glycolic acid lightening peel is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid naturally derived from certain fruits such as grapes, citrus and apples, which are  modified in our laboratory. It is also derived from the sugar cane plant acts as a keratolytic (removes top layers of skin) agent and opens clogged pores. This is what causes the lightening of the skin. It has been shown in clinical studies to improve acne and the hyper-pigmentation that is present with acne. Natural fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs) rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells. Glycolic acid is the alpha hydroxy acid most frequently used for facial treatments.

    What Glycolic Acid Does:

    * Helps to unclog pores and control acne and blackheads. * Deep cleans pores. * Provides a smoother skin surface, assisting to diminish scarring making imperfections less noticeable. * Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates natural collagen production and reverses the signs of aging. * Evens out skin tone by assisting to eradicate Age spots and Hyperpigmentation. * Helps reverse the effects of sun-damaged skin.

    Kojic Acid

    Kojic acid is used to lighten the dark-colored patches of skin (also called melasma, liver spots, age spots, freckles) caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medicine, or injury to the skin. It works by blocking the chemical process (enzymes) in the skin that leads to discoloration.

    Skin Disorders:

    Acne - Acne usually develops when the sebaceous glands and the lining of the hair follicle begin to work overtime, as they do in adolescence. Normally, the lining of the hair follicle sheds cells that are carried to the surface of the skin by the sebum. When the follicle is overworked and clogged, cells and sebum accumulate, forming a plug (comedo). If the plug stays below the surface of the skin, it is called a "closed" comedo or whitehead. If the plug enlarges and pops out of the duct, it is called an "open" comedo or blackhead because the top is dark. This is not dirt and will not wash away. The discoloration is due to the way light is absorbed by the skin cells within the opening. A Pimple is another type of acne, this is a raised, reddish spot(s) that signal inflammation or infection in the hair follicles. A Pustule is a small, medium or large circumscribed elevation of the skin containing pus and having an inflamed base. A Papule is a small, raised, red spot on the surface of the skin. Papules do not contain pus, unlike pustules. The term comes from "papule" which is derived from the Latin word "papula" or pimple. A good way to treat these types of symptoms is through proper exfoliation.

    Wrinkles - affect both men and women as they age, but some people have more wrinkles than others. Wrinkling in skin is caused by habitual facial expressions, aging, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, and various other factors. They can be categorized as crows feet, fold in the forehead, smile lines and etc. Although we can not prevent the inevitable aging process, there are many preventative and age reversing techniques available to even the most unlikely of candidates. One proven way to treat and prevent premature aging and reverse the signs of aging is again through proper exfoliation of skin cell.

    Age Spots & Hyperpigmentation - Age spots are also called solar lintigines or liver spots, they can look like cancerous growths appearing on your face, hands, shoulders, and arms - areas most exposed to the Sun. Age spots are most common in adults over 40 but they can affect younger people as well. Hyper-pigmentation is produced as a result of acne. It can be devastating to those in which it affects causing social and emotional trauma. Age spots and Hyper-pigmentation can be lightened with skin-bleaching products, removed with laser treatment, or treated with proper exfoliation.

    Glycolic acid's lightening peel properties will decongest clogged pores, lighten skin  and oxygenate the skin, preventing additional flare-ups from developing around infected pores. It  will also smoothen out your skin, promoting healthy cell growth and collagen stimulation.

    How Do They Work?
    All chemical peels involve applying a chemical solution to the skin which, after a day or so, begins to peel off. This process is used on the face, but also on the neck, chest and hands if needed. Varying strengths of the solutions applied determine whether you will have a light or medium peeling. After the skin loosens and falls away, new skin is allowed to appear from underneath. You will see a dramatic difference in skin color, texture and tone. The skin feels softer, smoother and has a healthy glow to it.

    Are There Any Side Effects?
    Chemical peel procedures have few side effects other than the expected peeling and a minimal risk of complication. However, in less than 2% of those who have had peels, complications can include temporary or permanent changes in the color of your skin, scarring (which can be successfully treated later with excellent results) and re-activation of cold sores (fever blisters or herpes simplex infection). If there are concerns about the risk, a small area can be tested prior to the treatment. Also, medication can be prescribed to prevent cold sores.


    Glycolic Acid lightening peel 20%1oz.

    Glycolic acid lightening peel 20% 1oz.
    Price $35.99

    Price: $ 35.99 Quantity:

    Please Read

    All our topical skincare products are for external use only. If any rashes or blotches occur during treatment, slow up on usage. If you still see rashes that occuring then discontinue usage. As of now we are getting high volumes of sales per day in which delivery can take up to 4 weeks upon receipt and international orders can take a little longer. We do apologize for this and is working harder for faster delivery. Also any orders that are canceled after 48 hrs. upon payment will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Thankyou for your business.