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Hair Growth Tips

Your hair is a part of your body that requires special care and commitment. Hair growth depends on our genetics and the growth rate varies from person to person. However there are some that find it very hard to grow their own hair. Believe me it is possible to grow your own natural lovely hair and with our products that we offer and tips we want to get you on the road to doing it. World of entertainment care about you and we want to help you acheive any goal the best way that we can. Chemicals can damage your hair such as hair color and relaxers or perms; however your hair can still grow and be taken care of if you have chemicals as such on your hair. If possible try to use less chemicals or none.

1.Moisture: It is the most important for hair growth. Without moisture rather its natural or manual your hair will become brittle and break. Thats why we provide our Long and Healthy hair growth system because it promotes the best moisture for your hair. If you do decide to go elsewhere on products be sure that moisturization is apart of your regimen. Put your hair in a bun before bed after moisturization and place a baggie cap over your head if possible.  This holds in the moisture in your hair over night allowing it to grow and preventing the ends from splitting.  Oils are not moisturizers. They only seal in moisture. Its ok to use oils on your hair but be sure to moisturize first then seal it with oils.

2. Shampooing and Conditioning: If possible try to shampoo and condition your hair daily. Science shows that daily cleansing your hair promotes hair growth as well. Thats why we promote our shampoo and conditioner set the goddess. It is basically a stimulant full of proteins and vitamins to aid in hair growth. It is to be used daily for best results and after each use you will notice a very clean feeling in your hair.

3. Trimming: Trim any damage hair off or else it will not grow correctly. Once the hair is damaged or dead its best to trim it or it will continue to damage hair that is healthy. This also promotes new healthy growing hair fast. All split ends need to go and can never be repaired. Trimming and cutting should always be done with a pair of hair shears.  Cutting with dull scissors will cause more splits and damage healthy hair.  If you are afraid of losing hair try dusting the split end off meaning search strand by strand for split ends and cut them only.

4.Where protective styles: Styles such as buns, cornrows and braids are very protective styles because you are not touching your hair all of the time. The less you touch your hair the more it will grow. These styles also prevent the hair from being so much exposed or out. when the hair is out much more dryness is likely for the ends and this can cause split ends and breakage. When wearing these styles remember to moisturize.

5.Combing And Brushing: When combing your hair, it may help reduce breakage by finger combing then comb through your hair with less vigor and brushing. Too much combing and brushing can promote split ends as well. If you have an itchy scalp try scratching it with your finger nails as much as possible. For knots if you have the time, use a safety pin to work the knot out.  It will save you from having to cut.

6.Heat: Try to stay away from heat as much as possible. If you do use heat turn it on low for curling or ironing (straightening). Burnt hair causes dry hair which is hair that breaks off and doesn't grow. You dont want that. Air drying hair is the best method after washing.

7.Stay positive dont worry and be patient: That is very important. Remember hair is always growing and our tips will promote hair growth. Try not to worry about anything. Worrying causes bad nerves and bad nerves can slow or bald your hair. Think strong and stay happy.