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3 Day Pimple remover gel

Our 3 day pimple remove gel is an amazing break through for those bumps that seem to pop up at the wrong time. Now you don't have to be worried about a pimple popping up 3 days before a special occasion because our 3 day pimple remover will take care in removing the bump all the way down flat. Its nothing like proactive where you have to go through 3 steps daily in removing your acne. All it takes is applying the gel on your pimple once a day and that's it. Within 3 days your pimple will disappear.

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Clear skin acne pads

You can now enjoy 100% pure clear skin with our Clear skin acne pads that promises to rid you of all your acne problems. Each pad contains a blend of acne fighting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide.
Heres a brief description of the two main acne fighting ingredients listed above.


 This ingredient aims to dissolve comedones or whiteheads through the removal of dead cells inside the hair follicles. This in turn prevents the pores from being clogged allowing oil or sebum to pass through unimpeded. It has the effect of stinging and in the first few days of use, it can cause mild redness.


This is considered the most active ingredient in acne treatment. It is basically an anti-bacterial ingredient that helps remove bacteria in the follicles. It also has the effect of dissolving comedones which is an early sign of acne. Side effects would include dryness and scaling in some and redness and swelling in others.

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Clear Skin Acne Cleanser

Better than Proactiv. You can have clear acne free skin with no harsh chemicals with our Clearskin acne cleanser. Its very dark rich color is strong at removing and preventing acne. You will enjoy gorgeous acne free skin. It also cleans out pores and keeps skin very clean. It can be used once or twice a day. Apply with your hands unto face only. Can be used on body as well. Comes in 4 fl.oz.


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